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Where the Wild Things Are Colouring

Thursday, March 17th, 2011

Started back on with doing the sketches for the site. The latest ones are based on Where the wild things are which I watched recently with Frey (great film), I have some rough sketches done, which I think look pretty good. Changed my drawing style a bit as the film is a bit ‘different’. The new drawings reflect that style.

Also working on another pet project where I am sharing a collection of the Photoshop Textures that I use in my design work with others round the world, set up a small site with those on quite popular already, the latest being the Concrete Textures.

Should get the new ones inked up and on the site soon, also  looking into new ways of putting them on there, as it is they take ages to send live.

New Coloring Pages

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Been taking a few days off the past two weeks and getting lots done on my Colouring site, got loads of new drawings done seventeen new ones drawn,  scanned in and ready to be added, Also got twelve new drawings done since Wednesday when I visited the Leeds dental hospital what an experience that was.

Most of the new ones are dotted all over the place including two new ones for the Fairy Coloring section. That means it will take a bit longer to get these added but looking forward to getting the new ones live and launching the new sections to the site soon.

Thanks again for the emails and comments on my site

New colouring pages

Tuesday, August 31st, 2010

Had a great day on Saturday doing the charity 3 peaks walk for the SMA trust, great support from those who came, it rained (and then rained a bit more just in-case anything we were wearing was still dry) It was a good really good day, I was buzzing for hours afterwards.

I’m back on with my colouring site now, even booked a bit of time off work over the next few days, been working on another overall design to let me update the site quicker and drawing new pictures the past few days. Also I’ve been in Leeds today been making loads of notes of new ideas on my phone. Its all go.

I have also got to waste my time filling in Google dmca forms for the people who are stealing my drawings, that’s really annoying me… (deep breath)

Anyway… I’m back :)

New colouring pages

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Got twenty two Alien Colouring scamps (small concept drawings) done tonight, they look pretty cool, some I will get rid of and most will appear soon on the site as full size printables, here is one of the older Alien Colouring pages I have already added to the site. Concentrating on getting the quality (as always) and adding the new colouring pages to all the sections. I thought the other day ‘when will this be complete’  I stood there for quite a while, went through my plans, and thought dont think it will ever be complete.

I love making unique stuff for my site…

Looking forward to adding the new stuff I’m working on

New Colouring Pictures

Thursday, January 21st, 2010

Got eight new Free Colouring pages started last night, these new ones feature aliens, insects and lots of other new subjects that have not been featured on my site before. Also started building a demo version of the kids iPhone app in flash so it can be played with on my site, might have a look at that again tonight when I get back from the opticians, I need glasses for short distance (explains the headaches). Hope to have some new content on the site soon.

Nine new colouring pages

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Been a busy night, got nine more finished colouring printables finished and scanned in, should get these on the site tomorrow. These new ones feature four new teddy bear colouring pages, three new frog colouring printables and a selection of easy colouring pages designed for younger children. Very pleased with these new additions to the site.

Seven More

Monday, August 10th, 2009

Frog ColouringDidn’t think I’d get the new ones up there today, had a load of stuff to get done at the Farm and didn’t get away till late, but I did it :)

Added all seven of the new ones to the site in their ‘sections’ I’m really happy with the new additions, think they all look really good.

they are all posted on the Free Colouring home page, just added small images as it will be faster for you to get them.

Hope you guys like the new ones, will be adding these to the online colouring section soon.

New Colouring Printables

Sunday, August 9th, 2009

Been really busy the past week and done very little for the site apart from ideas and a few additions to my sketchbook.

Today I have done the final line work for five new colouring pages. These new ones are a complicated Dog printable, Tiger, simple Sheep, Octopus brushing his teeth and a new Frog colouring page. The new ones are looking good and should be added to the site tomorrow.

More Online Colouring Pages

Sunday, July 5th, 2009

Online Colouring

Been a busy weekend, had to get a load of stuff done at my Mum’s Goat farm, but managed to add another seven online colouring pages to the site, these are taking slightly longer than I planned, but I think they are looking pretty good so far. Also got some more sketches done. Going to have a big push this coming week to get more of my colouring pictures and new online colouring live.

Latest Free Colouring Additions

Thursday, May 21st, 2009

Been busy last night drawing the new additions for the free colouring site. Finished the pen line work for a go-carting colouring picture which will be added to the people colouring section. Also finished the pen line work on the new Goat Colouring picture, this one’s a very complicated colouring picture and will be good for older children to colour in.
Done the new full size pencil drawing for a new spaceman colouring picture, this one looks really good and will be added in the space colouring and people colouring sections. I have also drawn a few more butterfly colouring pictures, these will all be added to the butterfly colouring section in the next few days.