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Kids Word Search

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Added the new Kids Word Search section over the past few days, loving the new platform… much easier to get my new content on the site.

Also been working on some new sketches and completed a few today, still got loads of older ones that need releasing on my site. Finally it all seems to be coming together.

I knew at the beginning to make my own site with my own hand drawn images would be hard, there are so many poor sites that steal images from other sites  (including mine)…

A rocky road indeed, but I sleep well and I love drawing my ideas and I know from all the emails I have had and comments over the past years that you guys like my stuff (rambling…..)

So that’s where we are at, lots more stuff coming soon. Think it was good having a short break and stand back… but I’m not finished yet :)

Hope you guys like the new stuff that’s coming – Dave

Kids Maze Games

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Just launched a new section to the site featuring Kids Maze Games got loads of new bits that I need to get added, also moving the new stuff over to a different web platform which should prove easier to add content and alter things much quicker.

Still got loads of new drawings and sketches that I need to feature, hopefully the new set up should make it much quicker at adding the new stuff.

Eight New Free Coloring Pages

Sunday, November 15th, 2009

Free ColouringBeen a busy weekend (mucking out and chopping wood) but managed to get back on with getting the free colouring pages added to my site. Got eight new ones added tonight. All of them are featured on the Free Colouring home and news page. Hope you like the new ones, more coming soon

Nearly Done

Friday, July 31st, 2009

Nearly done updating the pages on the site. And ready to start adding some more new kids colouring pages. Also off work which will also give me loads more time to get some new stuff done. Was going through one of my sketch books last night (loads of cool new stuff to add). Looking forward to getting back into drawing…

New stuff

Sunday, July 12th, 2009

Got ninety six pages updated in the past few days, still much more to do. Should be releasing some of the new pages tomorrow night. The new pages should be far better, lots of old code in them. Going to have a push on the dot to dot section soon as well, need to get some more complicated dot to dot pages on there. I need more hours in the day :(

Good job I’ve got some time of work soon. Cant wait!!

Four new Free Colouring Pages

Tuesday, June 30th, 2009

Giraffe ColouringBeen busy again tonight added another four free colouring pages to the site. These new ones feature a Farmer, Baseball player, Alien colouring and Giraffe printables. Also spent quite a bit of time re-designing the main online colouring page to fit in with the new ideas I have (small slots coloured up images and short snappy titles – Five on each row).

Should get time to send some of these live tomorrow after I’ve finished messing with my house. The new complicated pages should be really good.

Big thanks to Toby from work who is helping me finalise a new printing system (so you can print out your finished coloured in online colouring pictures)

Colouring update

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Another terrible week for my site, got bitten by a Horsefly at the farm last Sunday, went to work (arm not good) went to doctors after work, got pills, got home,  2 hours later in Accident and Emergency. Where they kept me in on a drip. The good side is while I was waiting the 4+ hours I did a set of hospital colouring sketches. Got lots of pills to take now, all seems to be ok.

Will be adding a load more new colouring pictures to the site in the next few days, also will be launching the new look bigger online colouring page section  (I’m still fighting with it).

Will add a photo of the hospital sketches to this post soon.

Colouring Update

Friday, June 5th, 2009

Been working hard on new content for my site, got the inked line work done on eight of the new free colouring pictures last night (took some doing). Should be getting these new free colouring pictures added to my site in the coming week.

The new printables feature two new bird colouring pictures an alien, farmer, tiger, cow, gardener and a baseball player. Will also be sketching lots of new ideas over the weekend.

Also been working on updating the pages on the existing site got the facebook fans (40 fans)  link added to all the main sections and I’m also working on added some translated pages to the site.

Thanks again to all the people who support the site.

New colouring pictures

Saturday, May 30th, 2009

Been busy, doing some bits at the farm today. Weather was great so I sat in the sun after I got my jobs done and did six more full size pencil drawings which need ink versions doing before they are finished. The new colouring pictures are two cute tigers, a complicated hedgehog picture, dog, cow and a frog colouring printables. I’ll take a picture of them tomorrow so you can see the new stuff thats on its way.

Also been talking to Lee at work, he suggested doing a newsletter, still thinking on this one, but could be a good way of sending out a weekly or fortnightly update on whats new on the site, comments welcome.

Colouring Printables

Sunday, May 24th, 2009

Just finished scanning in five new colouring printables, the new printables feature two new Butterfly printables to be added to the butterfly colouring section and a new go-carting picture, a complicated Goat colouring picture and my latest favourite the spaceman colouring picture. Should have these added to the site in the next few days.

I’ve also drawn seven new colouring pictures in sketchbook number two, over the last few days, some of these will be featured on the site (only the best).

Had e-mails and recent comments about making the free colouring site more educational, this is one section I will be pushing in the coming months. I’m open to ideas of what you guys are looking for and will be contacting Freys school to get feedback.

I’ll also be adding loads of new teddybear printables, got loads of really good ones in my sketchbooks, they must be added.

Facebook Fans page is going really well, Nine people are signed up for the weekly update (in two days of being live)