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Kids Word Search

Monday, June 27th, 2011

Added the new Kids Word Search section over the past few days, loving the new platform… much easier to get my new content on the site.

Also been working on some new sketches and completed a few today, still got loads of older ones that need releasing on my site. Finally it all seems to be coming together.

I knew at the beginning to make my own site with my own hand drawn images would be hard, there are so many poor sites that steal images from other sitesĀ  (including mine)…

A rocky road indeed, but I sleep well and I love drawing my ideas and I know from all the emails I have had and comments over the past years that you guys like my stuff (rambling…..)

So that’s where we are at, lots more stuff coming soon. Think it was good having a short break and stand back… but I’m not finished yet :)

Hope you guys like the new stuff that’s coming – Dave

Colouring Site Update

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Still working through the new additions to the site the latest one added tonight is another Fairy Coloring page featuring a happy Flower Fairy picking a large flower, I also spotted that I hadn’t put any wings on her in my original drawing, so had to add some digitally, quite a good selection of those now and a new one (tooth fairy) will also be featured soon.

Also started designing a brand new coloring section tonight still need a few more drawings for that one to get it completed. I also need to get some more of the new dental ones drawn out, the ones I have inked up so far look really good, should be a really good colouring section and all the ones I have drawn are very educational and over the past ‘painful’ week I have loads of them.

Still pushing to get the new stuff out there…

New Coloring Drawings

Saturday, January 16th, 2010

Got quite a few new drawings done this week for the Free Colouring site. Also having a big push on the Photoshop Brushes site, doing a full re design (which will take a bit of time) It is looking really, really good so far.

Stopped smoking again (properly planned as LA x said…) all my friends smoke (so I’ve banned myself from going out) I’m getting loads and loads done (thinking of doing some colouring pages on that topic as well).

Also debating on re creating some of the Kids Iphone games that I’m working on so they can be played on, on my colouring site (for free using Flash) and also add them to the schools FREE CD (when I get that done)

Finally… Got a really cool e-mail tonight:

Dear Dave,
Me and my son want to thank you for your wonderful site! He has been playing with it the last 2 years (he’s 5 now). It’s his favorite from several online coloring sites.
Congratulations on your excellent work and please keep it up!
Many warm greetings,
Lefteris and Kostas”

Thanks again for the support