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New stuff

Sunday, May 2nd, 2010

Still pushing hard working on the new stuff, updated 231 pages tonight. And I’ve got more drawings done for the new fuzzy felt game, still need to think of a good name for it…

All the drawings are looking good so far. Up at the farm early tomorrow, but should get some more work added tomorrow evening, really pleased with how the sites doing, really starting to take shape.

New Look Continued…

Wednesday, April 7th, 2010

Been another good evening, got loads done. Got the main navigation pages of the site as I want them along with adding the new Newsletter Sign up page. Also managed to get the Frog Coloring pages and most of the Bird Coloring section done. Still loads to do… back on with it tomorrow evening, hope you like the new look of the site, comments as always welcome.

New look for the site…

Tuesday, April 6th, 2010

Started the new look for my site tonight, I’ve improved the main menu look and feel (not live yet) and made it look a bit more funky and modern, also adding a small twitter button and a new ‘Newsletter sign up’ button to every page (hundreds of them still to do). The new newsletter section will offer visitors the option to sign up to a monthly newsletter featuring all the new additions to the site. Been emailed quite a few times about this over the years…¬† Should make it far easier for Schools, Nurseries and Parents to get the latest info on what the new features and free coloring sheets and new Educational sheets are on the site are without having to visit this blog or get involved with RSS feeds.

The company I’m using will give the easy, fast ‘one click’ option of unsubscribing from future newsletters, so if you are a Parent and little Jimmy is now 9 and my sites no longer relevant, ‘click’, I’m gone….

I’ve also set up a rule book (Brand guidelines as we say at work) on the design of the site, some pages are looking messy, trying to get it all looking uniform and tidy. Good news is its all going well so far, bad news is the new pictures are on hold, but this ‘spring clean’ has fired me up again.

The sketches and drawings are still going well, booking some time off work¬† soon and Freys also away next week so I’ll have more time to get the new printables live (got loads now)

A big thanks to Ben Rush, Robin (aka Captain Kenyon) and Ryan Gibson for help, support…

Coloring News

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

Boer Goats

Still pretty busy but pleased to say I have got all my Mums stuff done at the farm, which gives me time to get the new colouring pictures started. Been sorting the sheds out the past few weeks for the expectant mothers to kid in (if you didnt know, my Mum has a Farm with Boer Goats) We had our first delivery on wednesday (Lucy had triplets) pleased to say all doing well.

Will have some new pages to share very soon. Thanks to all the people who have emailed in, there have been loads in the past week and my new twitter followers. Looking forward to sharing the new ideas and kids drawings soon.


Free Coloring Update

Friday, February 26th, 2010

Sadly not much happening with regard to new stuff on the site got lots started including a new really good design for the site and also having a big push on the educational coloring pages. Little Freys ill… waiting on blood tests from the LGI, thats levelled me this week, also been spending quite a bit of time helping my Mum as well, demolishing a big shed at the farm, back up there tomorrow. The free colouring sites doing really well well over half a million pages views (last 30 days) just all over the place at the moment. The stuff Im working on is really good, just going to take a bit of time to get it out there.

updates coming soon