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Colouring Site Update

Tuesday, September 14th, 2010

Still working through the new additions to the site the latest one added tonight is another Fairy Coloring page featuring a happy Flower Fairy picking a large flower, I also spotted that I hadn’t put any wings on her in my original drawing, so had to add some digitally, quite a good selection of those now and a new one (tooth fairy) will also be featured soon.

Also started designing a brand new coloring section tonight still need a few more drawings for that one to get it completed. I also need to get some more of the new dental ones drawn out, the ones I have inked up so far look really good, should be a really good colouring section and all the ones I have drawn are very educational and over the past ‘painful’ week I have loads of them.

Still pushing to get the new stuff out there…

New Coloring Pages

Saturday, September 11th, 2010

Been taking a few days off the past two weeks and getting lots done on my Colouring site, got loads of new drawings done seventeen new ones drawn,  scanned in and ready to be added, Also got twelve new drawings done since Wednesday when I visited the Leeds dental hospital what an experience that was.

Most of the new ones are dotted all over the place including two new ones for the Fairy Coloring section. That means it will take a bit longer to get these added but looking forward to getting the new ones live and launching the new sections to the site soon.

Thanks again for the emails and comments on my site

Fairy Coloring pages

Sunday, July 25th, 2010

Fairy Colouring pages

The new Fairy Colouring pages are live, a selection of ten online colouring pages and printables. Taken a bit of time to get these live with recent weekend practice walks for my organised charity walk (see below)

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