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Cat Colouring Pages

Thursday, January 5th, 2012

Just released four new cat colouring pages. These new ones were drawn while staying at the Farm and are based on the observations of my Cat Maxy who now lives up there.  Still got a bit more work to do on this section, really need to get the existing printables added as online versions.  We have another two cat printables which are designed for children of all ages, below are links to all the new pages featured.


I have re worked these two new ones to make them online colouring pages as well,l these can be coloured in using a variety of techniques and can be saved in various sizes along with being printed and added to your facebook image gallery

Don’t forget to check out the Cat Colouring main section for more easy and complicated feline themed colouring pages. I also got some others started last night, will be featuring these soon.

As always looking forward to feedback on the latest additions to my site, feel free to comment below.

Chicks and Scribbles

Sunday, October 3rd, 2010

Been at the Farm today with Frey and thought I’d share some of the cool stuff we saw. It rained, rained then rained a bit more but the great news is that the new chicks which were born on Thursday are doing ok

We also had some comedy moments getting in the newly delivered 56 bales of straw in the rain, it was fast…

After lunch Frey and I were drawing while we were watching Billy Elliot and I have drawn four new valentine sketches, that I think are good enough to be added to the new section, should get these new ones on the site in the coming week. Should be a good set with the on-line versions.

Hedgehog Coloring pages

Saturday, August 14th, 2010

Hedgehog ColoringBeen a journey getting these live tonight, but pleased to say the Hedgehog Coloring pages are now live. Been walking again up Whernside today on my 3 peaks practice walk, long drive there and a long drive back, not too mention the long walk (eek). Been a good day though :) Hope you guys like the new additions to my site.

Here are the 3 Peaks Walk pictures as promised none of me, but it shows some of the cool places I’ve been walking.

Bird and Alien Colouring

Monday, May 17th, 2010

Still working tonight (late) on getting the large kids drawings done  for new Aliens section, got over  25+ tiny sketches done so far (loving those) and now working up full size versions.

Also been drawing with Frey over the weekend which was great fun (should have been an Art Teacher) Frey was drawing a spider with my rules on drawing, one being  “Draw what you see not what you know”, really great progress with only a few words (very, very proud)

I was sat by the side of her drawing water Bird Colouring Pages while the spiders were being drawn, got six good quality roughs completed and got the inked up line work drawn and scanned for all of those last night. Also finished the pond at the Farm on Saturday  and planted loads of water plants (picture/s to follow).


New colouring pages

Thursday, May 13th, 2010

Got twenty two Alien Colouring scamps (small concept drawings) done tonight, they look pretty cool, some I will get rid of and most will appear soon on the site as full size printables, here is one of the older Alien Colouring pages I have already added to the site. Concentrating on getting the quality (as always) and adding the new colouring pages to all the sections. I thought the other day ‘when will this be complete’  I stood there for quite a while, went through my plans, and thought dont think it will ever be complete.

I love making unique stuff for my site…

Looking forward to adding the new stuff I’m working on


Friday, March 26th, 2010

Latest colouring drawingsHi, it’s been a good week with lots of progress on my Free Coloring site, currently working on some new themes and adding to some of the existing ones including the Dinosaur Coloring pages section and adding the new Rhino Coloring sheets (three done so far) to the Zoo section.

Been working on the new ones including some funky looking Dragons  the past two nights and working on the new ideas while I’m out adding the new ideas to the new sketchbook. Not counted them up but I have loads of new content for the site, which will be added over the next few days. Still getting loads of emails from round the world, which is cool (got one tonight from Denneoord – George in South Africa).

A big thanks to Ryan a good friend from work who has been helping me.

I hope you guys like the new stuff (coming soon), I’m surrounded by the sketches and some of the final artwork and I think it looks great!

Sheep Colouring and new Canoeing Sheep

Tuesday, December 15th, 2009

Butterfly ColouringBusy last night re-working the Sheep Colouring section and adding a new slightly more complicated Canoeing Sheep colouring printable to the site. Stripped out sixty lines of code to make the page better and also added the new sheep picture.
Got loads more time now I have finished my Mum’s new Goats Meat website (which she thinks is ace). Will be adding a load of new colouring pages that I have been sketching up over the last few days soon.

Also will be creating a Free CD which will be for Schools and Nurseries around the world over Xmas, this will have loads of goodies on it.

thanks again for the comments!!

Bird Colouring and Animal Colouring

Monday, July 13th, 2009

Just sent the new Bird Colouring, Cow and Animal Colouring pages live, altered the the main pages so its not so long to scroll down and find the printable you want, and made the pages wider to include more of the relevant free colouring pages at the bottom of the page. Also having a push on the Online Coloring section added a banner to most of the new pages, I think the new online section will be awesome (as frey says) when its got more content on there. working on this all week (Until it’s all done). Will sneek some new Online Colouring pages on the site as well. Going to be a long week…

Pig Colouring Printables

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Just added two more pig colouring pictures to the pig colouring section of my site. There are now six pig colouring pages available, need to add the online pig colouring page and the pig fuzzy felt link tonight.